Learning Motocross Like Steve N. Heyer

There are a lot of people intrigued about motocross and what gets enthusiasts hooked. Most would give you two words: adrenaline rush. When a rider gets on his bike and braves the off road track, gets off the ground for as high as 10 to 12 feet (other more extreme riders go higher) at unbelievable speeds, it is difficult for him not to feel the rush. This is probably why a great many motocross riders could not leave the sport in spite of having professions. Such is the case of Steve Heyer who is a full time architect but has never left his love for motocross.

A curious onlooker might be wondering what the sport entails. Motocross is an extreme sport. To get into it requires discipline and responsibility. Accidents happen in varied scales. Therefore, it is imperative to wear protective gear at all times. The basic get up is comprised of the helmet, goggles, protective clothing (pants and jersey), chest protectors, gloves, knee guards and boots. Recently, another piece was added – the Leatt Brace – the neck guard, so to speak. This is to safeguard the neck from breaking in cases of being thrown off during a ride. This protective gear is particularly crucial when the rider gets thrown off with head hitting ground first. Like all sports, the “uniform” is required for ease of movement during the game. More than that however, for this riding sport the apparel is less for identification or even for the fashion of it. A rider dresses up for protection rather than for fashion. Exhilarating as it is, it comes with its own set of risks.

But this should not deter would-be enthusiasts. It is a lot of fun! For as long as one has the heart and spirit for it, just like Steve Heyer, and the discipline that goes with it, motocross will be enjoyable and fulfilling for sure. For a beginner, the initial practices would be more on riding the tracks normally, nothing fancy. Eventually, he would want to learn to conquer the hills and obstacles. And they get more and more challenging as he refines his skills. He would then venture to try his skills on one or more of the known challenges such as a race, an all ground circuit, jumps or speeds.

Exceptional talent, commitment and determination will bring a rider far. Those that end up competing internationally are the sport’s rock stars. And they are rightfully so, as they worked hard to get where they are. However, there are also those who are content with having motocross as their hobby. How far are you going to take your love for motocross?